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A better way to connect with your friends, family and work!

VidYap is HD quality video conferencing and chat - for a limited time its FREE to use. Become a founding user before we upgrade to paid membership plans.


Discover even more possibilities - It's so much easier to use than Zoom!

With HD quality and super-fast connectivity - VidYap will be your go-to app for staying connected with your friends, family and work colleges.

  • HD Quality

    You will notice the difference in VidYap high definition streaming.

  • Private Live Chat

    You can chat live to multi-attendees & you can chat in PRIVATE to each attendee.

  • Blur Backgrounds

    For your privacy, you can blur your background from other viewers.

  • Screen Sharing

    You can share all your screens in your video calls using our web app.


Unlimited participants - Secured Private chat - History & Schedule meetings and more...

There are so many features to VidYap, we can't list them all here. - But we know you will love how easy it is you use. Every day, you will use VidYap to connect with your friends and family.

VidYap Features

Finally - simple, fast video conferencing

Check out a few of the features using Vidyap. Its clean interface is refreshing, but it still has all the features you would expect from such a high-quality product.

Stream live YOUTUBE video

On the web app, you can share your screen and stream a live YouTube video to all your conference participants. - Great for webinars or watch movies with your distant friends.


You can start or join a conference call directly from your web browser. With or without your mobile, VidYap has you covered.

Secured Private Chat

VidYap lets you chat with all participants in your conference call. You can also select a single participant and chat PRIVATELY without the other participants being notified.

More Options

VidYap is full of options: Screensharing, Change your video bandwidth, Blur your background, speaker stats, and more...


How it works?

Click on these three steps to see how easy it is to get started using VidYap!

Register Your Account

All our users register a FREE account in our saas portal. - (Software as a Service).

BlaqSuite is our subscription account portal where you can manage your account with us and select which of our products you would like to use.

You can update your account and easily change your selected products.

What this means to you, is you have one simple FREE account. - You can access any of our selected products from your dashboard and your selection will update your monthly subscription.

Register an FREE Account

Select our Products

Inside your FREE BlaqSuite account you will see in your dashboard all of our products we offer as a subscription service.

You select which products you would like to use and activate in your FREE account.

For each product you select, the same account details you have created in BlaqSuite are sent to our products database so you can easily log in and use them with your same account details - That's easy!

Select Products Options

Start using our Products

You have Free account, you selected which products to use, now you can access each of the selected products immediately.

VidYap - ChatLinked - TrackBytes and Eleventz are all available for you to use.

Based on your selection, BlaqSuite will build your monthly subscription so you have just one monthly fee for using your selected services. - That's convenient!.

Download the Apps you need from the iStore or Google Play and you're done.

Enjoy our products

Simple interface

We designed VidYap with a clean - "uncluttered" user experience. A video conference meeting is a very simple user action - either create a meeting or join a meeting - simple!.


What do real people think about using - VidYap?

If something works, and it works well - credit should be given when it due! - So we asked a few of our users to tell us what they think.


Become a FREE Founding User

VidYap is offering our founding users a FREE UNLIMITED plan - FOREVER!!! - Soon we will open our 3 plans with usage restrictions, all new plans will then require a subscription payment.


$0 /Mo
  • Unlimited Video Calls
  • Unlimited Participants
  • 30 Minutes Talk time
  • Full HD Quality
  • Public & Private Chat
  • Screen Sharing - (Web App)

Personal Plan

$5 /Mo
  • Unlimited Video Calls
  • Up to 50 Participants
  • 60 Minutes Talk time per call
  • Full HD Quality
  • Public & Private Chat
  • Screen Sharing - (Web App)

Business Plan

$10 /Mo
  • Unlimited Video Calls
  • Up to 200 Participants
  • Unlimited Minutes Talk time per call
  • Full HD Quality
  • Public & Private Chat
  • Screen Sharing - (Web App)